Juniata Park-Feltonville is a neighborhood located in northeast Philadelphia. This area has a reputation as a diverse neighborhood. In fact, you can hear more than 27 languages as you walk down the street or run errands. Juniata Park-Feltonville is a walkable neighborhood with groceries and other necessities located near residential areas. A rail line borders the southern edge of the neighborhood, giving residents access to the rest of the city. 

The diversity of Juniata Park-Feltonville can be seen in the different dining options available. You'll never be short on meal ideas with specialized sandwich shops, authentic Asian cuisine, Mexican food and more. Head to the Harrowgate Shopping Center on the southern edge of the neighborhood to fulfill your shopping needs. 

The Cancer Treatment Center of America has a campus in Juniata Park-Feltonville. St. Christopher's Hospital for Children is also in the neighborhood. Residents who need specialized care are sure to find treatment in the area. 

There are several private schools in Juniata Park-Feltonville, making it a great neighborhood for families. The kids will love the local parks and playgrounds. 

Frankford Creek runs along the western edge of the neighborhood. Stop by Juniata Park to enjoy the creek or hike through the green space. The park is also a great place to hold picnics or hang out when the weather is nice.