Mountain Park Ranch is a neighborhood on the far southeast side of Phoenix. Major nearby roads include East Pecos Road and Maricopa Freeway. Neighborhood residents travel throughout the city using a personal vehicle, as there is no public transportation. Downtown Phoenix is about a 25 minute drive from Mountain Park Ranch. 

There are several recreation centers in the neighborhood, all of which have outdoor pools of varying sizes. Area residents make use of the swimming opportunities in summer, when the average high temperatures can reach about 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter in Mountain Park Ranch is much more comfortable, and the average high temperatures get as low as 65 degrees.

Enjoy the sunshine at the pool or by visiting a local park. South Mountain Park of Pima Canyon is a short drive away and has many hiking and biking trails. Consider checking out the Max Delta Mine (a historic mine site) while you're there. 

There are several restaurants, bars, bakeries and cafes in Mountain Park Ranch. For example, you can take care of all your cake and pastry needs at Dessert-a-licious on the south side of the neighborhood. 

Mountain Park Ranch is home to both preschools and elementary schools as well as a tutoring center. This family-friendly neighborhood has a suburban feel, though it's inside the limits of a big city.