The North End neighborhood of Tacoma, Washington, occupies the area between 6th Avenue and 46th Street as far west as Orchard Street, and goes east to the waters of Commencement Bay. This neighborhood is directly north of the heart of downtown Tacoma, a city famous for its glass art. 

North End has waterfront access via Marine Park, a perfect recreational facility for sunbathing, swimming, throwing a Frisbee or playing volleyball. Ruston Way travels through Marine Park down the entire shoreline of North End, giving a scenic view to bikers and joggers. The Puget Creek Nature Area provides additional outdoor fun with nature trails, and the stream that runs through it is one of the few places to view salmon in their natural habitat. North End is also home to the University of Puget Sound, making it an ideal location for students. The university has a campus composed of lush green lawns and athletic fields. 

North End is near Tacoma's many museums and concert venues. North End residents can take Highway 16 over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and take it from the Tacoma Narrows Airport all the way up to Port Orchard. North End is a great neighborhood to fully experience Tacoma's downtown, waterfront and natural surroundings.