North Lakewood is a large residential neighborhood north of Steilacoom Lake in Lakewood, Washington. North Lakewood extends from the Salish Sea eastward to Mountain View Memorial Park on a stretch of land between Chambers Creek and Steilacoom Boulevard. This neighborhood has a small-town feel while also maintaining proximity to the major urban hubs of Seattle and Olympia. 

Several prominent parks outline the neighborhood: Fort Steilacoom Park, Chambers Bay, Seeley Lake Park and Meadow Park Golf Course, one of two golf courses in North Lakewood. South Puget Sound Wildlife Area is in the heart of this neighborhood, providing a refuge for plant and animal life and a great place to view nature. There are a number of restaurants and shopping centers along Steilacoom Boulevard The school system has a strong military presence, with a lot of students living on one of the nearby bases. Five elementary schools are located on Joint Base Lewis-McCord. 

The Anderson Island Ferry Terminal provides easy transportation to Ketron, Anderson and McNeil Islands. Residents of North Lakewood can expect mild seasons without significant snowfall in the winters, though the nearby mountains offer plenty of activities for any winter sports enthusiast.