North Park is an eclectic and diverse neighborhood that is located just four miles northeast of San Diego. Canyons to the north overlook Mission Valley which is a wide river valley that is bisected by the San Diego River flowing to the Pacific Ocean. The North Park area is filled with diners, coffee shops and cafes for residents to enjoy, as well as a mix of boutiques, microbreweries and artists' studios.

North Park is home to an iconic sign located at 30th Street and University Avenue, where many consider the heart of the neighborhood to be. The sub-neighborhoods that make up North Park include Burlingame, Altadena, and the Morley Field area, and they are filled with colorful Craftsman cottages, trendy bars and an artistic group of locals. Forbes magazine even dubbed North Park one of America's best hipster neighborhoods, thanks to the diversity and creativity in the area that can be seen at San Diego's largest and longest running artwalk called Ray at Night, in the Ray Street Arts District.

The North Park Music Thing is a huge music festival that is hosted by The San Diego Music Foundation in the fall, which only adds to North Park's reputation as a great location for the arts in San Diego. This neighborhood has something for everyone. With art galleries, night clubs and a healthy music scene, this is a great destination for any art lover.