North Philadelphia West is a neighborhood in north Philadelphia. This section of Philadelphia has a train line running right through the area that takes passengers all over the city. The line splits at the neighborhood's southwest corner and creates several additional lines. The western border of the neighborhood is made up by North 33rd Street and Fairmont Park.

Fairmont Park has athletic fields, a pond, a river, playgrounds and paths. Though the average temperature in Philadelphia fluctuates depending on the season, even hot and cold days are gorgeous when spent at this North Philadelphia West park.

Many of the buildings in the area were designed during the art deco movement, which took hold after World War I. They have strong, bold lines mixed with natural patterns. Your apartment in North Philadelphia West could feature some of these designs.

North Philadelphia West is the home of Project 4 Ever Striving. This group helps those transitioning back into society (after prison, therapy, etc.) by providing job counseling, housing opportunities and more. The project is in partnership with the Department of Public Welfare. 

There are many schools in the North Philadelphia West neighborhood, including both public and private spanning from elementary through high school. There is also a math and science school for gifted kids.