Northeast Philadelphia is a neighborhood in Philadelphia. The area is home to the Northeast Philadelphia Airport. Businesses have sprung up in Northeast Philadelphia to cater to travelers, including hotels, restaurants and transportation services. There are several train lines in Northeast Philadelphia, most of which take passengers to the airport or into the city center. 

Lincoln Highway forms the western border of the neighborhood and Woodhaven Road cuts through the neighborhood's center. Other major roads nearby include the Delaware Expressway and Bristol Pike. 

Most of Northeast Philadelphia is industrial, as there are plenty of headquarters in the area. These corporations provide employment for many Philadelphia residents. 

Northeast Philadelphia is a hotspot for outlet malls. You can find discounted goods at one of the many storefronts in the area. Whether you're shopping for your new apartment or looking for the latest fashion trend, you don't have to spend much money when you live in Northeast Philadelphia. 

Residents of the neighborhood love the many parks there. These green spaces are a natural feature that bring life to the area. You can take your dog for a walk at Walton Run, meet friends for a game of Frisbee at Pennyback Park or enjoy the landscape of Benjamin Rush State Park.