Northwest Crossing stays true to its name, located about 25 miles northwest of San Antonio. The main roads in the area are Interstate 410 and State Route 87, called McDermott Freeway. Most of the residents of this neighborhood commute by car.

The community has a very active neighborhood association that hosts regular events. Some include an Easter egg hunt, swim lessons at the area pool and Zumba classes. There is also a swim team that is the oldest in the community. Youngsters in Northwest Crossing can take part in the local soccer program, and there is even a club for scrapbookers.

There are several national chain restaurants for the area residents to enjoy, including establishments that serve pizza, tacos and Chinese food. A few nearby grocery stores are available as well.

There are a number of elementary schools in Northwest Crossing for local students, as well as Scarborough, Northbrook Senior and Spring Woods high schools.

Residents enjoy the warm Texas weather in the summer months, when temperatures reach average high temperatures of about 83 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter, the coldest it gets in this community is in the mid-‚Äč 50s.