The Oak Square residential neighborhood is part of Brighton, a large district on the northwest side of Boston. Oak Square is south of the Charles River and named after a gigantic oak tree that once defined the area. The neighborhood goes south along North Beacon Street until it intersects with Cambridge Street. Oak Square continues far enough south to house some of Boston College's Brighton Campus. Other major roads include the Massachusetts Turnpike and Washington Street. Oak Square is a 20-minute drive from downtown Boston. Buses and trains are also available to access the city.

Oak Square is home to a YMCA, mom and pop restaurants, playgrounds and historic schoolhouses. The local fire station and library are cornerstones of the community. Though it is far away from downtown Boston, the local branch, Faneuil Library, is one of the busiest public libraries in the area.

The south end of the neighborhood is filled with parks and green spaces, including the Cenacles Urban Wilds, a nature area with expansive lawns next to Chandler's Pond. The neighborhood also holds the Newton Commonwealth Golf Course, a well-groomed recreational facility open to the public.