Ocean View, or Lakeview, as it is affectionately called by residents, is located in the southern part of the San Francisco area. This neighborhood was originally settled in the mid to late 19th century to act as a station for Southern Pacific train service between San Francisco and San Jose. Today, Ocean View is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the San Francisco area and is nestled amongst the California hills.

Residents can enjoy the California sunshine at Ocean View Park and Playground. There they can barbecue, celebrate birthdays and even host camps and day cares in the fields. Soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and tennis and basketball courts are also available.

The Minnie & Lovie Ward Recreation Center is also located near the park and is a brand new space for the residents of Ocean View. Locals can play in the gymnasium and utilize other multipurpose rooms, including a kitchen and a weight room, an arts and crafts room and a preschool. Pedestrians can stroll with their families along paths in the parkto enjoy the California sun.

The old Engine Company No. 33 Firehouse on Broad Street in Ocean View has been restored and offers tours of the site to locals and visitors. The firehouse also provides tours of sites throughout San Francisco in an old vintage fire engine.