Panorama City is a neighborhood located in northwest Los Angeles. It lives up to its name with beautiful views of the surrounding topography. The average high temperatures range from 68 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an ideal place for those who prefer mild weather. 

Panorama City is the central hub of the local bus system. Though public transportation is available, most residents use a vehicle to run daily errands. The neighborhood is sandwiched between Interstate 5 and Interstate 405. The former leads into downtown LA, and eventually San Diego, while the latter will take you closer to the coast. The two eventually meet up south of the city. 

The Panorama City neighborhood was established in 1947 and was the first planned community on the West Coast. It is defined by its structure, which is a business district surrounded by residential buildings. 

The old Carnation Laboratory is located in the neighborhood. Researchers at the lab invented Coffee Mate. The building is now the site of Panorama High School. 

The neighborhood is bikeable, as there are lanes for commuters on two wheels. The weather also makes biking a pleasure whether it's to get to work or for recreation. There are plenty of coffee shops and restaurants in Panorama City that can be accessed by whichever mode of transportation you prefer.