Pleasant Valley is a neighborhood located just 10 minutes outside of Austin, Texas. Residents can take Riverside Drive from the area right into the heart of the city. Other major nearby roadways include State Route 290 (aka Interregional Highway) to the west and State Route 71 (aka East Ben White Boulevard) to the south. The majority of the people living in Pleasant Valley commute by car, but there are Amtrak trains available in the area. Pleasant Valley is also located about a 10-minute drive north of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. A convenient bus line takes travelers to and from Pleasant Valley and the airport.

The community enjoys summers with temperatures that reach 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and winters that can dip into the mid-50s. The neighborhood does not experience much rainfall, though most precipitation occurs in March.

Baty Elementary School and George M. Kometzky‚Äč School, which is a K through 12 facility, serve the children of Pleasant Valley. Austin Community College has a campus in the neighborhood as well. Residents can also visit the Ruiz Branch of the Austin Public Library system which is located near the center of the neighborhood.

There are several parks within Pleasant Valley, many of which are maintained by the Austin Parks and Recreation Department.

Residents can take their pick of different restaurants located along Riverside Drive. Some are national chains and others are independent, local options that offer different types of cuisine, like Mexican, vegan and pizza.