Sheepshead Bay is a neighborhood on the southern edge of Brooklyn, New York City. A train line runs through the center of the area and it is a good transportation option for those without a vehicle. Residents who drive take Ocean Parkway, which forms the neighborhood's western border, or Belt Parkway to the south. 

The northern part of Sheepshead Bay is filled with homes, schools, parks and shopping, while the waterfront is known for its restaurants. Stop at a great seafood place or enjoy one of the many ethnic dining options.

Historically, Sheepshead Bay has a strong Russian population and much of the neighborhood's features reflect that. Ukrainian food, Russian grocery stores and businesses dot the area. More recently, Sheepshead Bay has been diversifying, making it a unique place with a variety of cultural influences. 

Residents love the area because of its close proximity to the beach. Take the train or walk to the waterfront to enjoy any number of water sports from swimming to windsurfing. Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club caters to boaters in the area by providing docking privileges and creating a community of sailors. 

Kings Highway Shopping Center is in the north section of the neighborhood and it's a destination for many residents. While it's the only shopping in Sheepshead Bay, there are other storefronts with shopping opportunities throughout the area.