Silver Lake is a pentagon-shaped neighborhood north of Seattle and south of Everett, bordering the east side of Interstate 5. Silver Lake's southern boundary is 132nd Street and the neighborhood extends north to 100th Street. The neighborhood tapers to the east at Larimer's Corner, the intersection of Lowell Larimer Road and Seattle Hill Road. The neighborhood is named for being the home of Silver Lake, a great lake for fishing that is stocked with largemouth bass, rainbow trout and other game fish. 

Thornton A. Sullivan Park borders the lake, providing a swimming area, hiking trails, playgrounds and a natural getaway from the city. The Everett Mall is a short drive up I-5 on the way into the city, and has a wide array of eateries, clothing outlets, a movie theater, gift shops and large retail stores. Silver Lake is an hour commute from downtown Seattle and is a 15-minute drive from the heart of Everett. The city of Everett is along the shoreline of Possession Sound, a perfect body of water for sailing and other nautical activities. Everett is also home to numerous parks, restaurants and museums.