South End in Tacoma, Washington, is 37 miles southwest of Seattle. This community is perfect for families and individuals of all ages.

There are three parks in South End: Wapato, Alling and Charlotte's Blueberry parks. Wapato Park offers picnic spaces and an off-leash dog. At the park is Wapato Lake where you can enjoy boating and fishing. The park also features a walking trail that circles the lake and a garden.

Alling Park has a playground for young children, picnic sites, a tennis court and a trail for hikers and bikers to enjoy. This park is one of the oldest in the city, established in 1912 on 5.6 acres, and is the site of the former Alling Fruit Farm.

The Tacoma Mall is a prime shopping destination in the area and has a number of stores including Apple, Bare Minerals, Coach, Forever21, Gap and Macy's.

Residents living in South End can go grocery shopping at La Huerta 2 International Market, Park Avenue Foods, M Grocery and Tri One Food Store.

Several learning institutions are located in South End including Fawcett, Mann and Birney elementary schools, Park Avenue School, Tacoma School District 10. Tots also have access to a number of facilities such as Wapato Co-op Preschool and Learning with Fun Preschool Child Care.