South Franklin is a neighborhood located 20 miles south of Indianapolis. Major roadways in the area include State Route 31 that runs through the community and Interstate 65, which flanks the neighborhood's eastern side.

South Franklin is a historic community with tree-lined streets and plenty of schools to serve the students who live there. These schools include Creekside, Needham, Northwood, Union and Webb Elementary Schools. The local intermediate school is Custer Baker, and the middle school in the area is Franklin Community Middle School. High schoolers in South Franklin attend Franklin Community High School.

Residents can enjoy many different outdoor activities in South Franklin at one of the area's landscaped parks. Groups are encouraged to visit the park in order to go birdwatching and enjoy doggy dates. There is even a Family Aquatic Center where parents and children can play in the pool and learn to swim. The parks in South Franklin host theatrical plays and art shows and are all geared towards family fun. The community in South Franklin focuses a lot on activities for children, including showing family-friendly movies in the park and hosting an Easter egg hunt.