South Quincy is a neighborhood in the city of Quincy, Massachusetts, approximately 12.5 miles south of downtown Boston. The neighborhood follows the eastern border of Interstate 93, providing easy access for those looking to regularly travel to Boston. The northern boundary of South Quincy is formed by Quarry Street, School Street and Quincy Avenue. Other major nearby roads include Pilgrim's Highway and Thomas E. Burgin Parkway. From South Quincy, the average commute time to Boston is 20 minutes by car and half an hour by the Red Line train. 

The city of Quincy is the historic birthplace of two of our most famous presidents: John Adams and John Quincy Adams. This town was also home to Founding Father John Hancock. Numerous historic landmarks, which are scattered throughout Quincy, serve as cultural amenities to the community.

South Quincy is directly next to Quincy's vibrant downtown. This neighborhood is home to many eateries, cafes and home-improvement centers. The area also contains several local parks.

To the north of the neighborhood sits Marina Bay, the largest marina in the region. Marina Bay offers a variety of indoor- and outdoor-dining options and provides a wonderful location to take in the Boston skyline.