Southbelt-Ellington is a neighborhood on the southeast side of Houston. Gulf Freeway and Sam Houston Tollway intersect in the center of the area, giving residents access to other parts of the city. You will need a vehicle to live in Southbelt-Ellington, as there is very minimal public transportation. 

Most of the eastern section of the neighborhood houses the United States Coast Guard Air Station. Both the Coast Guard and Air Force have a presence in the facility. 

Almeda Mall, – which is in the north section of Southbelt-Ellington – has several department stores, chain apparel shops and restaurants. Residents flock to Almeda Mall to revamp their wardrobes, but most leave the mall to find sit-down dining. 

Southbelt-Ellington has several Asian restaurants, including Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese eateries. You'll also find your fair share of Texas-style barbecue and other "meat and potatoes" type restaurants. If you finish shopping and dining and still need something to do in Southbelt-Ellington, you can head to the AMC movie theater to catch the latest box office hits. 

Enjoy the warm Houston weather by visiting one of several parks in Southbelt-Ellington. El Franco Lee Park is the largest in the neighborhood and has green space as well as a creek. Blackhawk and Beverly Hills parks are in the northwest section of Southbelt-Ellington.