The Highlands is a triangular residential neighborhood on the west side of Lowell, Massachusetts. The neighborhood area is outlined by the Lowell Connector, U.S. Route 3 and the Merrimack River. The Highlands is approximately a 40-minute commute from downtown Boston by car. The city is also accessible by the Lowell Line train. 

Once considered a city on the forefront of the Industrial Revolution, Lowell offers a welcoming blend of history and culture. The waterfront area of the Merrimack River located in the Highlands neighborhood is part Lowell National Historic Park, which includes an extensive canal system that is still operational. Walkways along the canals and Merrimack River provide a beautiful location for leisure walks and jogs. Lowell is also recognized for its vibrant arts community and eclectic galleries. Several of the historic textile mills have been transformed into public space for artists.

The Highlands was once home of renowned Beat writer Jack Kerouac. This neighborhood has many amenities including numerous restaurants featuring international cuisine, several recreational parks, Mount Pleasant Golf Course and a movie theater. The Highlands offers quick access to U.S. Route 3, making daily travel to Boston easy and convenient. 

Highlands is a neighborhood on the north side of Jacksonville, Fla. Major nearby roads include Interstate 95, West Beltway 295, Lem Turner Road and Broward Road. Neighborhood residents rely on their vehicles to travel throughout the area, as there is no public transportation in Highlands. 

The neighborhood's southern border is defined by the Trout River. Residents of the Jacksonville area often fish here, and you may find Trout River fish served at local restaurants. You'll also see boats racing past on the river, and Highlands has a dock on the south side of the neighborhood. 

The neighborhood is home to several schools, including Victory Christian Academy, Garden City Elementary School, Highlands Elementary School, Blue Print Academy and Pine Estates Elementary School. 

Highlands features plenty of shops and restaurants, including grocery stores, pharmacies, coffee shops and pizza places. You can find entertainment at the bowling alley, located on the eastern edge of the area. If you prefer to spend time outside in the warm Jacksonville weather, visit one of Highlands' parks. Menlo Park in on the south side of the neighborhood, Ray Greene Park is in the center and Highlands Park is on the east side. 

Residents like Highlands because of its proximity to the city center and highway system, as well as its quiet atmosphere.