When you are shopping for apartment furniture, you do not want to skimp on a comfortable bed. After a long and hard day at the office, you want to be able to come home and sink into your bed. A quality bed frame and mattress will last years, so it is important to do some research before making an investment.

Frame: Prior to looking for a bed frame, measure your room to help determine what size bed will work best. Keep the following measurements in mind as you shop around:

-Twin bed: 39 X 70 inches
-Extra long twin bed: 39 X 80 inches
-Full bed: 54 X 75 inches
-Queen size bed: 60 X 80 inches
-King size bed: 76 X 80 inches

Also, when shopping for a bed, keep in mind how much extra space you will need in your room. If you plan on buying dressers for additional clothing space or a bedroom entertainment center, you can buy a space-saving metal bed frame. The metal frame will still support a box spring and mattress without taking up a lot of space in the room.

Mattress: The right mattress can help eliminate back and neck pain in addition to avoiding fatigue.

-Coils: Coil mattresses are quite common however, not all of them are made equally. If you are purchasing a full-size bed, make sure it has at least 300 coils. Queen beds should have at least 375 coils while a king-size bed needs a minimum of 450 coils.

The most basic type of mattress is an inner-spring. The cheapest option would be to choose a pillow top, plush or firm mattress with a low coil count. Foam mattresses are the next level up and are ideal for people who are a bit sensitive to pressure. Foam mattresses are soft and provide extra warmth during the night.

Additional tips: As you shop around, try and test a few different mattresses for a few minutes each. Also, be sure to ask about exchanges and delivery fees. A store may advertise a particularly low rate without revealing shipping fees. Also, ask a salesman or online representative what your options are incase you are not comfortable with your purchase and need a different mattress.