The University District is in northeast Seattle and home to the University of Washington. The University District has a western border generally defined by Interstate 5, and extends southward until it reaches Portage Bay and Union Bay, which are connected by the Montlake Cut. Downtown Seattle is easily accessible from this neighborhood via I-5, and neighborhoods northwest of the city, such as Montlake and Madison Park, can be reached by way of the Montlake Bridge. 

The University of Washington, conveniently shortened to U-dub by locals, offers a young, vibrant community, sporting events, canoe and kayak rentals, and a hodgepodge of affordable restaurants, student hangouts and coffeehouses. The main street, University Way, has a large student bookstore, which offers a diverse selection of reading material and UW merchandise. Further down the street there is Bulldog News, a newsstand that has over 1,000 magazine and newspaper titles. University Way is also home to Thai Tom, one of the most highly acclaimed Thai restaurants in the Seattle area. Moreover, the university's campus is beautiful, with verdant lawns and traditional college architecture. 

The University District has a collegial and youthful feel, but also has a mature community that enjoys the atmosphere of the university.