Watertown West End is a residential area located 8 miles west of downtown Boston. This neighborhood is in Watertown, Massachusetts, which was the home of Paul Revere while he was hiding from the British during the American Revolution. The neighborhood lies on the north shoreline of the Charles River and continues to Belmont Street. Common Street is the eastern boundary. Watertown West End averages a half hour commute by car and a 45-minute commute via public transportation to Boston as well.

Watertown West End houses a number of recreational parks, cafes, pizzerias and other eateries. The neighborhood also offers cultural amenities including the Armenian Library and Museum of America, a major repository with thousands of artifacts spanning from 3,000 years of Armenian history. Watertown West End is also next to Oakley Country Club, a community provider of outdoor sporting opportunities including golf, swimming and tennis. 

Watertown West End is in close proximity to Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brandeis University and Bentley University, making it a perfect location for students and faculty that need a break from the fast pace of life in the big city. This neighborhood offers a residential, woodsy environment while still providing easy access to downtown Boston and other surrounding urban areas.