West Harlem is a neighborhood in northwest Manhattan. The Hudson River is just to the west of the area, as is Henry Hudson Parkway. Other major roads in the area include Broadway and Riverside Drive. Residents can drive through the city or rely on public transportation – there are both buses and trains available for intra-city travel. 

The West Harlem Community Supported Agriculture program allows residents to purchase produce directly from local farmers, giving them options outside of shopping at a grocery store. The program helps buyers save money on the healthy produce they need. The West Harlem CSA partners with Windflower Farm, whose products are certified naturally grown. 

If you're looking for something to do in your New York neighborhood, check out the Hamilton Grange National Memorial. The historic home was built by Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. Completed in 1802, Hamilton Grange was named for Hamilton's father's ancestral home in Scotland. 

Sakura Park is a local favorite where cherry blossoms bloom in spring. The park faces the memorial dedicated to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant. Residents also visit Riverbank State Park and Morningside Park for fresh air and recreation.

West Harlem is full of dining options and an energetic night scene. You'll find eateries that feature New York's favorite dishes, along with bars selling local brews.