West Oak Hill is a comfortable hilly neighborhood on the south side of downtown Austin, Texas. This area is known for its varied landscape due to its location above the Edwards and Trinity aquifers. West Oak Hill has an interesting terrain to explore, made up of many caves and springs. Residents of this neighborhood enjoy the quiet area filled with native birds and lush riparian woodlands.

West Oak Hill residents have access to U.S. Route 290 for the roughly 8-mile commute to the center of Austin. Large homes line the streets of this neighborhood, and their impressive yards add to the strong rural appeal of the area. West Oak Hill is also a very safe and communal neighborhood where many people move to get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown city life. There are wide open spaces in West Oak Hill to help residents get outside and enjoy beautiful views of Texas landscape. You can find national food chains and eateries on Route 290.

Residents of West Oak Hill are active in their local associations, and the area even has its own paper called the Oak Hill Gazette that focuses on neighborhood news. A public library, a branch of the Austin Community College and the Oak Hills Health Center are all located in the area as well.