West Rogers Park is a neighborhood on the far north side of Chicago. Major roads in the area include Lincoln Avenue, Devon Avenue and Touhy Avenue. Neighborhood residents can use the train or bus system to travel throughout the city. West Rogers Park is the northernmost neighborhood in Chicago, so it takes a while to get to the city center, whether you drive or take public transportation.

It's distance from downtown Chicago gives West Rogers Park a unique feel. It's part city, with is trains and buses, but also part suburb. 

West Rogers Park is very diverse and this quality is noticeable in many places. For example, bookstores sell texts in a variety of languages and there are numerous ethnic restaurants. The neighborhood is specifically known for it's Indian, Jewish and Pakistani populations.

The Howard and Western Shopping Center to the north is a great place to accomplish all of your shopping tasks. There are also individual storefronts scattered throughout the area.

West Rogers Park is home to several parks. The Robert A. Black golf course is owned by the Chicago Park District and features nine holes. Locals can take classes at the course or simply enjoy a game of golf. Residents can still enjoy the outdoors in winter by visiting the Warren Park Ice Skating Rink.