Whether you are moving to a new home within your city or crossing state borders, packing up your belongings is sure to take some time. In addition to being careful with delicate items like mirrors and dishes, you will need to decide what items you want to keep or get rid of before your move. While your bedding and sweater collection may be a no-brainer, certain items will cause you to go back-and-forth. Ask yourself the following questions when you are trying to decide what to move as you pack:

Will the item have a place in the new apartment? The giant bean bag in your current living room might be a staple as you host Sunday football parties, but your new apartment may only accommodate one couch. For large furniture pieces, try to visualize a plan for the room based on your existing belongings. If you have anything in boxes from a previous move and have not had a chance to unpack them, ask yourself whether they are still useful. Chances are, if they have survived several moves without leaving a box, it is safe to get rid of them.

Can you replace the item? If you are still holding on to college textbooks hoping to use them as reference guides someday, you may want to think about donating them. While the information may seem valuable, you can find similar resources online or purchase new books when you actually need them. Sure they were expensive, but you can use the extra space in your desk or entertainment center for a DVD or vinyl record collection.

What about childhood collections? Memories from when you were young can be hard to part with, however, we often keep things because we feel they may be of value someday. If your baseball or Pokemon card collection has not appreciated in value in the past fifteen years, it might be time to hand it over to a younger sibling or family member.

How useful is the item? If you have a large bundle of cable wires, USB ports and external hard drives lying around, why do you still keep them? Just because something has a home somewhere in the apartment does not mean you have to keep it. Think about how often you use an item before packing it. The good news of getting rid of some items? You can sell things online and hopefully make some of your money back.