If the setup of your apartment is starting to look old and tired in the new year, it may be time to spruce it up and remodel. Odds are your apartment is already in need of a good spring cleaning, but rather than hold off until the cold subsides, make a point of starting off the year with a clean and transformed living space. Since you're already doing a deep clean, it's a great time to truly make some changes to give your apartment a much needed facelift and show off a fresh look for the new year. Here are five projects that will allow you to modify your living space and kick off the year in style:

1. Move around your furniture 
One of the easiest ways to give your apartment a new look is to simply move around your main pieces of furniture. Not only does this give you an opportunity to do a deep clean, but also you can play around with your space until you find a setup that optimizes it. You can take the time to clean the neglected space behind dressers, tables, couches and other furniture.  If possible, recruit a friend or family member to help you shift things around so you don't scratch the floor or risk damaging your furniture. 

2. Repaint 
If your apartment complex allows you to repaint, consider giving your living space a sunnier vibe by painting the walls a vibrant color that will make it truly feel like home. For a little less work, only paint one wall to provide some contrast to the rest of your apartment. One great option is chalkboard paint, so that you have a built-in surface for writing down reminders, doing work and playing games. However, quality paint can be expensive, so remember to double check with your landlord before you make a run to the hardware store. 

3. Fix the small nuisances 
Often it's easier in the moment to live with a small issue than take the time to fix it. For example, your apartment may have a leaky faucet, squeaky door or a sticky cabinet.  If you've been living with small nuisances such as these, the new year is a perfect time to tackle the task of fixing them. In many cases, these issues can be resolved with one or two minor adjustments that you can do yourself. Although, if you find yourself struggling with a project and you're worried you might damage the apartment, fill out a maintenance request with your landlord instead. 

4. Organize your books, movies and music 
While most people don't keep around a massive stack of CDs anymore, a library of books and DVDs can still take up a fair amount of space. If these items are scattered around your living space pell-mell, free up some shelving where you can organize them in an easy-accessible manner. Of course, shelving your books and movies alphabetically is the most common system, but there's always the option of ordering them chronologically, by color or by genre.

5. Rethink wall space 
If repainting your apartment isn't an option, there are plenty of other ways you can rethink your wall space. Wall decals or removable wallpaper are both great ways to add to your decor. Another option is to go through your photos from the previous year and print out your favorites. That way you can update the photos you already have displayed around your apartment or add more to the collection.