While you may not spend a ton of time in your bedroom throughout the day, it's still one of the most necessary living spaces in your apartment or home. Therefore, your bedroom should in many ways be a focal point of your abode, a place that you feel comfortable relaxing, studying and, of course, sleeping. With that said, occasionally your bedroom might need more than a little old fashioned spring cleaning. To keep this area of your home feeling fresh and fun, you may have to redo some of the more basic parts of your decor. Of course, this process doesn't have to be costly or time-consuming either.  Here are five basic ideas for revamping your bedroom: 

1. Build a library 
If you have books and magazines lying around your living space pell-mell, consider purchasing or building a couple of bookshelves for your bedroom. Bookshelves are a fantastic way to fill up a blank wall and offer practical storage space for a variety of items. Even if you don't keep hefty tomes around your apartment, bookshelves can hold DVDs, records and miscellaneous bric-a-brac. You can even organize your library alphabetically so that books are easily accessible whenever you need them. 

2. Buy new bedding 
With the number of hours we spend sleeping and rolling around in bed, it's only a matter of time before our bedding gets worn out. If your sheets and blankets are starting to have a faded, musty quality, it's time to go out and purchase some new ones. This provides ample opportunity to alter the look of your entire bedroom, because you can switch up the colors and pattern of your bedspread. Consider buying some new pillows as well. After all, you spend hours of every day sleeping, and your bed should both be a comfortable and stylish centerpiece of your bedroom. 

3. Reorganize your closet 
It's almost inevitable that at some point your closet will get a bit cluttered or overcrowded. The bedroom closet becomes a place to stockpile old clothes, various cleaning implements, boxes of gimcracks and other various items. Take the time to go through and remove clothes you no longer wear. These garments can easily be passed down to family members or donated to a local resale shop. This will free up some space so that you aren't digging for space every time you buy a new piece of clothing. 

4. Fix up the lighting 
Bedrooms are a great locale for a variety of lamps since you'll likely want dimmer lighting late at night when you're getting ready to go to bed. A reading lamp on your nightstand makes it easy to leisurely read a book as you prepare to turn in, but during the day it may not be enough to fully brighten the room. If your bedroom doesn't have a lot of natural light from a window or skylight, consider purchasing a standing lamp or some string lights to better illuminate this area. 

5. Add some green  
A couple potted plants in your bedroom can really change up the look of the entire space. What's more, the natural scent of some plants might help you keep your bedroom smelling fresh. If your bedroom happens to have a large windowsill or small balcony, consider buying some potted herbs to create a miniature garden. Your herbs will come in handy when you want to make a fresh and flavorful meal at home. Another option is to buy ferns or some aloe, as these plants can easily be grown indoors.