Packing your bedroom does not have to be as complicated as you imagine. With a few easy steps your clothes, bedding and shoes will be safely tucked away and ready for your big move. Need a little motivation to keep you going if you get exhausted? Think of your brand new apartment that is patiently awaiting your arrival.

Donate: Even if your new apartment is larger than your current dwelling, you should conduct a mini purge to rid yourself of unnecessary belongings. You can save a lot of time, effort and money by only moving items you need.

If you have been carrying around old Halloween costumes, books or semi-functional electronics hoping they will be of use someday, it might be time to make some tough decisions.

As a general rule of thumb, donate anything that you have been transporting as you moved between several different apartments but have never actually used. For example, the box of childhood ballet outfits can make someone's young daughter very happy. Contact your local Salvation Army to schedule a pick-up when your donation pile is ready, or drop off your possessions at a local charity.

Boxes: Before you begin the moving process, you will need a plan for obtaining boxes. Head to the local grocery store and ask if they have any unwanted boxes you can take. This may require a few trips to different stores, but the effort will pay off with free boxes.

If you run out of time and cannot look for free boxes, you can always purchase them from the post office or even online. Try to get boxes of all sizes – small boxes will be useful for fragile items while you can use bigger boxes for pillows, linens and stationery items.

In addition to boxes, be prepared with plenty of bubble wrap or Styrofoam. Don't risk the chance of delicate items breaking during the move! Also, don't pack anything you can't carry. A large box might be able to hold your entire vinyl record collection, but can you lift an 80-pound box?

Closet: Clothes can be the most time consuming to pack as they require individually removing all items from hangers or drawers. Begin packing with your shirts, pants and winter accessories. Instead of boxes, use any luggage to hold your apparel. Clothes are less likely to wrinkle in a suitcase as they do not need to be folded several times.

Remember to first take everything off the hangers to use less space in the suitcase. Save your boxes for bedroom items like lamps or your television.

Furniture: Before you begin moving large furniture, you should empty all the drawers and place the contents in boxes. You might feel it is too time consuming to remove everything from the drawers just to replace the items when you are in the new apartment. However, even if you tape the drawers shut, you never know when a bump in the road during the move may cause the tape to come undone. Also, you are making the dresser lighter by removing its content.

If you are moving a dresser with an attached mirror, be sure to dismantle it before the movers arrive. You should use foam pads to protect the glass from breaking during transit.

Bed: Mattresses can cost a pretty penny, so you will want to take extra precautions when you move your bed. Use a mattress cover to keep away dirt. You can also use mattress covers to pack box springs. Additionally, a large bed sheet can be used to help protect a mattress during a move.

When packing your bedding linens, use garment bags or the original casing for the sheets. You wouldn't want anything to spill on your soft bamboo linens. You can place all pillows in boxes however, be sure to line the box with an old sheet or cloth to keep your bedding away from any potential stains.