While the weather can make moving a major challenge during the winter, the holiday season is often a great time to find a good deal on a new apartment and get a fresh start on the new year. What's more, you'll be able to ask for holiday gifts that fill in some of the gaps in your living space. Odds are that when you move you'll quickly realize you're missing a few essentials, and if friends and family are already looking for something to get you this year, they can simply grab some of these must-have items. Here are five housewarming gifts to ask for as you work to make your new apartment feel like home:

1. Tools
Even if you're not particularly handy, it's imperative to have a basic toolbox around to handle household tasks. Whether you need to tighten up a loose hinge on your bathroom door or simply hang some art on the wall, you'll need quality tools to accomplish the task. That way you don't have to try and use the heel of your shoe to hammer a nail or call maintenance for every miniscule issue.

2. Kitchen supplies
Whether you need a good chef's knife or some new pots and pans, it never hurts to have an abundance of kitchen supplies so that you can cook up a feast right at home. Also, you never know what items you may have overlooked in the course of your move. If your last apartment had a built-in cutting board and your new one does not, you may quickly find yourself without a surface for chopping up fruits and veggies. To help ensure that your culinary ventures aren't too limited, ask for all of the necessary kitchen equipment you may be missing this holiday season.

3. Artwork
If the walls of your new apartment are looking pretty bare, it may be time to ask for some paintings or other artwork. This is also a good opportunity for those that may not have a knack for interior decorating to benefit from someone else's taste. Love the way your friend's apartment is decorated? He or she might be the perfect person to ask to help you out as your try to add some character to your new abode.

4. Bar supplies
A bar area may help make your new living space perfect for entertaining guests. Furthermore, it'll make your apartment look a bit more organized. If you have bottles of wine scattered pell-mell, consider asking for a wall-mounted wine rack to serve both as storage and decor. If you're more of a cocktail person, some new glassware may be exactly what you need so that you can host a happy hour or festive dinner party.

5. A good cookbook 
If your kitchen is already fully-stocked, consider asking for a good cookbook so that you can try out some new recipes in the new year. After all, everyone can always use a few more dishes in their repertoire.