The holidays are a perfect time to redecorate your apartment to host a festive holiday get together or gift exchange. If you just moved into a new apartment, inviting over your friends and family allows you reconnect with everyone, celebrate the season and show off your new digs. For those without a lot of space, remember to keep your gathering to a size that accommodates your living area. After all, you don't want people to feel uncomfortable navigating around your apartment. Of course, before you send out invites, you first must begin decorating for the season. Here are five ideas for making your apartment look festive during the holidays: 

1. Make a homemade wreath 
Rather than go to the store and buy a generic wreath for your front door or the mantel of your fireplace, consider collecting materials from a nearby nature area or buying some from a hobby shop to build your own. Not only does this provide you with a creative craft project, but also ensures that you have a one of a kind wreath in your home for the holidays. You can create a traditional natural look or develop a wreath that's more contemporary and avant garde. 

2. Rethink ornament placement 
If you have too many ornaments to cover your tree, don't simply put them back in the box and into storage. Also avoid overloading your tree by trying to hang every single ornament in your collection. Instead, take the leftover decorations and find other places to display them in your apartment. Consider taking a collection of bulbs and other ornaments and turning them into a centerpiece for your kitchen table or using fishing line to hang them from various points in the ceiling. 

3. Hang string lights indoors 
Apartment balconies are a great place to place some string lights to brighten up your outdoor space, but don't stop there. Hang string lights around your mantel or doorways to create a cheery aura throughout your apartment. Lights can easily be strung up using tacks, adhesive hooks or tape. This lighting is perfect for a holiday gathering because it creates an intimate atmosphere for you and your guests. 

4. Create festive place settings 
Your kitchen or dining room table is the perfect locale for showcasing your holiday spirit. Purchase a holiday-themed tablecloth and some matching cloth napkins and set the table to include individual seasonal adornments such as a sprig of holly or pine. Use a decorative bowl as a centerpiece and fill it with pinecones, cranberries and other natural elements representative of the season. 

5. Go green 
If you don't have enough room for a tree in your apartment, it doesn't mean you can't go green this year. Consider purchasing some garland to hang various places throughout your apartment, that way you'll still be able to enjoy the same pine scent without struggling to find spare room for a tree.