If you're lucky enough to rent an apartment or condominium with a garage, then there are a lot of things you can potentially do with the extra space. Whether you simply don't have a car or have a two-car garage and only need one parking spot, odds are you'll have enough room to do something creative. Don't let your garage just be a barren, unfinished wasteland, go the extra mile and make it a part of your living area. Here are five ideas for optimizing your extra garage space:

1. Make it a workshop 
If you're the type of person constantly doing projects, make your garage more than just a storage area for your tools. Add a work bench so you have a surface to tinker on and buy or build shelving units to keep your materials organized. Consider putting up a peg board for a classic workshop look. It'll make it easy to hang and organize tools and also help you keep your work bench tidy. Whether you enjoy woodworking, crafting or simply need a place to work on miscellaneous projects, a workshop is a great way to optimize your garage space. 

2. Create a game room 
Trying to find space for that foosball table you've been holding onto since college? Don't just throw it in the garage. Make it the centerpiece in a game room for you and your friends. Throw in some chairs and a card table so that you have a place to gather and play a friendly round of poker or euchre. Also consider adding a dart board with a backdrop (to ensure you don't poke too many holes). 

3. Add a bar 
If you need a space to entertain, the kitchen might not always cut it. If you have a small kitchen space loaded up with food, adding the bar you've always wanted might be an undoable challenge. Even a small bar cart can take up a lot of space. However, you can build a full service bar depending on how much spare garage space you have. If you want to keep it simple, a kegerator and some bar stools may make the ideal setting for knocking back a pint of suds with some friends. If you're looking for something a bit more formal, add some shelving to showcase your liquor and purchase a nice cocktail kit so you can make craft drinks at home. 

4. Put in a home office 
Perhaps a more practical use of extra space is simply creating an organized home office. Use your garage space to add a desk and some shelving units and wire some speakers so that you can enjoy music while you work or study. When you're setting up your garage home office, make sure that your Wi-Fi has a strong connection in the space beforehand. 

5. Build a home theater 
Whether you have an old, clunky television or a giant plasma screen, nothing beats the feeling of going to the movies. Alter your garage space with a projector screen and some seating so that you can enjoy the feeling of a movie theater in your own home. For extra pizzazz, you can buy a popcorn machine so that friends and family can help themselves when they come to visit. Since you'll have to worry about the garage door opening and closing, avoid installing a projector overhead. Instead, place your projector on a cart with wheels so that it can be easily moved aside when you need to make other use of your garage space.