If your friends are looking to visit you for a weekend out or crash on your couch for the night before a job interview, you may suddenly realize that your apartment isn't quite as big as you thought. However, occupying a small living space shouldn't stop you from playing host. If you're a big fan of inviting others into your apartment, but don't have a ton of room, here are five tips for making your apartment as homey as possible for visiting out-of-towners:

1. Clean your space 
Of course, it's obvious that you should clean up before welcoming company. However, in a small living space this is especially important considering clutter will take up a lot of room and make your apartment seem tiny. Furthermore, you may need to push some belongings into the closet or another area to give your guests an adequate amount of space to stretch out and feel comfortable. If you have a heaping load of laundry, consider taking care of it before guests visit to free up some closet space. 

2. Have sleeping arrangements planned 
Don't wait until your guests arrive to solve to puzzle of where everyone is going to sleep. Not everyone will have a guest bedroom that can be dedicated to friends and family coming to visit. However, if you have space for a sofa, consider opting for a futon or pullout couch so that your sitting area can be transformed into a sleeping space. In some cases, you may need to resort to an air mattress or other accommodations. Make sure that you have enough pillows and blankets so that everyone can sleep comfortably. 

3. Make your space welcoming 
No one likes to feel as if they have to dig through someone else's apartment. Making food, toiletries, linens and other necessities easily accessible ensures that your guests won't have to worry about searching your entire apartment when they need something. Putting out fresh flowers and towels can also make a person feel welcomed. If your guests are arriving when you are not home, leave a friendly note with some basic information about the apartment. 

4. Stock up on resources 
Depending on when your guests arrive and their budget, going out to eat may not be the most desirable option. Rather than open up an empty refrigerator when your guests arrive, make sure to stock up on snacks and drinks the day before. Similarly, you don't want to realize all of your towels are dirty when your guests walk through the door. Make sure you have fresh towels, soap, shampoo, toilet paper and any other supplies guests may need.

5. Respect their privacy 
If your guests are staying for a few days, you may both feel entitled to a bit of privacy. While this may prove challenging in a small space, it's easy to find ways to be considerate of another person's space. For example, work to sleep on a similar schedule so that your guests don't feel forced to stay up late. If a person is sleeping in your living space, be cognizant of rousing them if you wake up well before they do.