If you're lucky enough to land an apartment with a big front porch or terrace, you'll want to make sure you create an area that welcomes guests into your living space. After all, the front porch is the first thing guests will see when they come to visit. This area is also the portion of your apartment that your neighbors look at every day. Your front porch should serve as a small representation of your apartment itself. In other words, your front porch is the first impression people get of your home, and therefore should be decorated with as much care as the rest of your living space. Here are five ways to upgrade your front porch:

1. Avoid too much clutter 
If you have a big front porch, it might be a natural reflex to load it up with anything you don't have room for in your apartment, especially outdoor items such as lawn chairs, a futon or a grill. However, this space shouldn't be used as a storage area. Instead, make it a comfortable living space that you can use when you want to be outside. If there are a bunch of knickknacks and random items taking up the area, then you probably won't be as prone to using it.  

2. Go for greenery 
Flower boxes and potted plants may be perfect for your front porch. Again, too many plants might make the space uninviting, but the front porch is a great place to do some gardening since there may not be lawn space available. For the culinary minded, consider growing herbs as they don't take up too much space. The front porch may also be a good spot to move your indoor plants outside occasionally to get some direct sunlight. 

3. Paint your front door 
For those leasing an apartment, check with your landlord before repainting anything, but brightening up the front door can make your apartment look much more welcoming. Consider going for a vibrant color that will stand out and make your place easy to identify for visiting friends and family. If you have the option, also consider adding your apartment number on the door using brass numerals or another identifier.

4. Use your space wisely 
If you have a tiny front porch, there may only be room for one chair or a small bench. On a larger porch, you may want to place several chairs looking away from the house and a small coffee table. The key is not to try and overload your space. Consider reserving room for seasonal decorations such as pumpkins around Halloween or string lights during the winter holidays. 

5. Keep it consistent 
Since your front porch is part of your apartment, the theme should match the rest of your living space. A consistent look will add an extra element of sophistication to your apartment and naturally transition guests from your front walkway inside.