In a world where your love for movies takes over your apartment, there's nothing worse than having a cluttered mess of DVD cases and scattered cords in front of the television. For the film fanatic, developing a living space that allows you to enjoy movies after a long day of work or in between classes might be a major priority. However, it's hard to truly get the full theater-going experience without a proper misé-en-scene (to use the term somewhat liberally). Simply put, true movie lovers appreciate the importance of setting, and whether you're enjoying cult classics or contemporary arthouse flicks, you'll want to enjoy spending hours watching movies in your living area. Here are five decor ideas to bring your theater to life: 

1. Frame old movie posters 
Using framed movie posters to decorate the walls of your theater area will certainly add to the aura of being in a theater. You can easily find old movie posters online or get them directly from your local theater or poster shop. While vintage movie posters can cost an exorbitant amount, reproductions are relatively inexpensive and can be framed affordably. Find posters for three or four of your favorite movies so that when you have guests over you can show off your taste as a cinephile. 

2. Build your home theater 
Though most people generally organize the living area in their apartment to have at least some focus on the television, there's not always the feeling of being in a theater. Make sure that when you host movie nights your friends don't have to pile around the sides of the TV or crane their necks to enjoy the show. When you set up your seating, try to align furniture so that everyone has a good view for enjoying the film. 

3. Organize your library 
No one enjoys digging through a disorganized library in search of the movie they want to watch. Categorize your movie library in a way that's not only easy for you to find the film you're looking for, but also designed for guests who may be helping in the selection process. If your library is rather extensive, consider first organizing titles by genre. Once you've accomplished that task, store your movies in each genre alphabetically. 

4. Make popcorn a priority 
If you have extra space, a theater-style popcorn machine is a great accessory for any home theater. After all, no one likes running back and forth to the microwave during important scenes to throw in another bag. With a larger popcorn machine, your guests will be able to go grab a snack individually to their heart's content. What's more, this will help add the delicious, buttery aroma of popcorn to your living space, making it truly feel like a movie theater. 

5. Get creative with storage 
The way you display your movies can be as important as how you set up your theater. Not only should your library be organized, but also it should be a main point of the overall decor. Of course, you can always store your DVDs the traditional way on bookshelves or in drawers, but don't be afraid to get creative. Consider more interesting display options such as floating shelves, storage-capable furniture or color-coded crates. Overall, you'll want to display your movies in a way that is both stylish and accessible. 

6. Hide your cords 
Your home theater will definitely look sloppy if speaker wires, extension cords and other cables are sprawled out around your living space. Conceal these connectors from view as much as possible to add to your theater aesthetic.