Cragin is a neighborhood located on the northwest side of Chicago. The area dates back to the 1800s when manufacturing businesses opened their doors here. This brought an influx of jobs and residents to Cragin. Manufacturing slowed down in the mid-1900s, but a couple decades later, a shopping center opened and revitalized the area. Now Cragin is home to strong Polish and Latino communities.  

Thanks to the Polish population, there are tons of authentic restaurants and grocery stores in Cragin. Take a walk to one of these nearby dining spots to enjoy everything from punchkees to perogies. 

A Metra train rail borders the neighborhood to the south and Cicero Avenue creates the eastern edge. Residents can rely on public transportation to get to work and school or to run errands. Commuters frequently purchase unlimited monthly train passes to save on the transportation costs. 

Cragin is a mostly residential neighborhood with several parks dotting the area's map. There are a handful of great schools nearby, which makes Cragin an ideal home for young families. Residents can be seen walking their dogs in Cragin Park where there are sports fields, playgrounds and water features. The homes and apartments in Cragin are all unique and reminiscent of classic Chicago architecture.