Space is limited in most apartments, so you will need to think strategically about what items you can have in your home. Once you have crossed the T's and dotted the I's in your lease, you will inevitably start shopping for your new apartment. Use the following list so you don't forget apartment essentials:

Key rack: Constantly getting locked out of your apartment can get expensive if your building charges you every time you forget your key. Purchasing a rack that is hung next to your coat closet can help reduce the amount of times you may forget to grab your key on your way out of the apartment. An added benefit – key racks look organized and will keep your spare key, storage locker key and laundry room key in one central place. If you have a shoe drawer near your coat closet, you can even place decorative bowl on top of the set of drawers for all your keys.

Noise machine: If you are a light sleeper and easily get disturbed by street commotion or music next door, purchase a noise machine. White noise machines can provide the peace and quiet you need to concentrate and finish up work or get a good night's rest.

Tools: Your landlord will likely take care of major repairs like a leaky ceiling or a broken shelf in the closet. However, a basic tool kit will come in handy for minor repairs like a wobbly table or hanging up a painting. Buy a tool kit with at least a screwdriver, hammer, measuring tape and some nails.

Wall hooks: Wall hooks can be especially useful if you are sharing an apartment with other tenants. With multiple people living in one apartment, there might not be enough space to dry towels on a ledge in the bathroom. Placed behind your bedroom door or in the bathroom, wall hooks will provide ample space to hang up your bathrobe or towel to dry.

First aid kit: Whether you are prone to accidents or not, items like bandages and rubbing alcohol are essential for your apartment. You can find small ready-made first-aid kits at drugstores with antiseptic wipes, instant cold packs, cotton balls and hand sanitizer.

Futon: You never know when your little sister or college buddies will want to explore your city and need a place to stay. A futon will provide your guest a good night's sleep so he or she does not have to bring a sleeping bag. However, if you are using a couch from a previous apartment, you can purchase air beds that quickly inflate with provided pumps.

Cleaning supplies: A Swiffer for wood floors or vacuum for carpet will be needed for weekly cleaning routines. Consider getting a portable vacuum in addition to a full-size version. Crumbs can be hard to collect from underneath the couch and around the sink.