You and your roommate may have decided it's finally time to spruce up your apartment. Decorating on a budget can get frustrating, but with a few do-it-yourself projects, you can cut costs and still manage to have a cute apartment. 

Memo frame
A simple DIY project that you and your roommate can do together is a memo frame. Once complete, you can pin notes for each another or just keep track of general bits of information, like your Wi-Fi password, that you want in a single location. You'll need a large picture frame, spray paint, twine and a staple gun. You can find a picture frame at a thrift shop or craft store. Spray the frame in whatever color best matches the decor of your apartment. Next, staple down one end of the string onto the back of the frame. Cross the string back and forth and staple to secure. There's no real method to this part, you just want a lot of visible string. That's it!

For a little more pizzazz, pick up whatever adornments you'd want to add to the front of the frame. To make this a two person job, get two identical frames and each make your own. Hang them side by side when you're done. Finally, use clothes pins to hang notes on the twine. 

Gallery photo
To have a boxy framed look for your favorite photos, gather a piece of wood, a photograph, gel medium, a paint brush, Mod Podge and a cloth. Cut the wood block and photo so they are the same size, then paint gel medium over the wood evenly. Next, place the picture photo side down onto the wood. Smooth out the photo so that there are no bubbles. Let that dry overnight. The next day, get the cloth and the photo that's attached to the wood damp, then use the cloth to rub off the wet paper. Clean all the paper residue off before covering the photo in Mod Podge. Let the picture dry. Now your original photo has been transferred to the wood. Both you and your roommate can pick a few photos and do this together. Hang them near one another for a fun picture wall in your apartment. 

Candle holders
For a little glow in your apartment, you and your roommate can easily throw together some mason jar candle lanterns. This simple project adds to the rustic decor you already have going. You'll need mason jars, tea candles and pebbles. Fill each mason jar with the pebbles and place the candles on top. Light the candles and place the jars in whatever locations looks best in your apartment. Grouping several together always looks nice. 

Coffee filter wreath
Whether its for a specific holiday or just to add pizzazz to your apartment, try making a coffee filter wreath. You and your roommate can each pick a color you like and hang it on your bedroom door! You'll need a foam wreath, coffee filters, a hot glue gun with refill sticks and a ribbon. Put a dot of glue at the bottom of each filter and stick it to the wreath. Tie the ribbon around the top so you can hang it. That's the basics of it. You can also dye the filters by letting them sit in water filled with food coloring.