Decorating for fall does not have to be expensive or time consuming. If you want to bring autumn's look into your own apartment, follow these tips for easy decorating:

Fall colors: With the change in season comes rustic colors like red, gold, orange and brown. Without altering your existing decor or going through drastic measures such as painting the walls, you can bring a bit of fall foliage into your own apartment. A tall green vase with twigs and acorns can rest on a side table in the living room. Fill a large bowl with red and gold pinecones for the center table. Additionally, you can take a mason jar full of candy corn and put it next to your entertainment stand. Photo frames with fall colors or elements such as leaves can also be utilized as decorative pieces this season.

Perhaps the simplest way to spruce up your home for the fall is to choose a colorful and textured wreath. Pine cones, berries and leaves add intricate elements to any door decor.

Enjoy a fun afternoon with your roommate by carving your own pumpkins. Instead of a typical smile or silly face, carve your apartment number in the pumpkin and place it outside your front door or on your porch.

Layers: As it gets colder outside, you will naturally reach for blankets and throws to warm yourself up in your apartment. Just as your body will need layers to stay warm, your home can benefit from touches of fabric. Use blankets and pillows as decorative pieces around the living room. Rather than storing blankets for a time when you need them, place them on sofas around your living room, even when you are not using them. A warm touch of fabric will make your apartment cozier for the fall.

In addition to blankets, you can change up the towels used in your home during the fall. From kitchen napkins to the washroom hand cloths, each of these items can be fall-centric with special colors and designs.

Aromas: Fall decor is not limited to what a pair of eyes can spot around your apartment. Whipping up pumpkin pies or cinnamon apple cider will quickly make your apartment feel like autumn with some wonderful aromas. If you are not inclined to cook, boil cinnamon sticks, nutmeg and cloves for that outdoorsy scent. If all else fails, you can always pick up rustic candles or incense for the apartment!