Deciding how to arrange furniture in your apartment can be tricky. While you want the space to accommodate guests and be comfortable for your own leisure time, you are limited in the amount of furniture you can support. Follow these tips to ensure your living room furniture makes the best use with the available space:

Utilize corners: People often forget how useful corners can be in an apartment. They provide great space for a workstation or as a storage area. Corners are well out of the way and, therefore, they can become wasted space. Place a decorative shelf or a desk in corners that are not being used. Utilizing every inch of space with furniture pieces will make any room more attractive and organized.

Accent pieces: Numerous accent pieces can be visually appealing in a large room, as several small candles or photo frames give the space a cozy effect. However, you should opt for one or two large accent pieces in a small space so the room does not look messy. Limit pieces like coffee and side tables and instead use extra space for bar stools for added seating.

Wall space: A common misconception for small spaces is that you have to place furniture against the wall. Try putting your couches in the middle of the room in front of the television set rather than against the wall. Place a rug underneath the sofa and coffee table. Now you have extra space along the wall for art or a bookcase.

Use vertical space: While it will not help with the placement of furniture, using the height of your apartment can make a room feel more spacious. Place curtain rods well above the window for a dramatic drapery effect. Also, add large floor lamps to elongate a room and make it feel larger.

Foot traffic: Regardless of how you choose to arrange your couches and center tables, keep the foot traffic to one side of the living room. If people have to pass through the room between an ottoman and a side table, they are more likely to get injured.

Wall mount: While large entertainment centers offer ample room for storage solutions, your living room may not be able to accommodate such a big piece of furniture. In this case, have your television mounted to the wall so you do not need a big media center. Instead, you can opt for a small table that goes in front of your television to house the cable box and DVD player.