Jefferson Park is a neighborhood in northwest Chicago. Residents have access to the city center via train, Milwaukee Avenue or the Kennedy Expressway. The Jefferson Park Transit Center is located in the middle of the neighborhood. Cicero Avenue, which runs north-south, makes up the eastern border of the area. 

Jefferson Park is known for its strong Polish population. Delis, grocery stores, restaurants and shopping centers selling Polish food and merchandise can be found on every street. The Copernicus Center is in the area and it is home to the Copernicus Foundation. This nonprofit organization is named for Polish astronomer Copernicus, who is credited for discovering that the planets move around the sun and not the other way around. 

The Copernicus Foundation hosts Taste of Polonia annually. This popular festival features live music and entertainment while attendees enjoy traditional Polish food. Jeff Fest is another annual festival with live music, activities, craft beer and food that celebrates urban living. 

Jefferson Park is named for the large park located in the center of the city. Another, larger park is just to the north and it features golf courses, green space, wooded areas, playgrounds and more. Residents make the most of both parks during the warmer months.