Lawndale is a neighborhood on the west side of Chicago. The north edge is bordered by Interstate 290, which can take drivers to the city center. Several train lines run through the area and converge just east of Lawndale. Residents can rely on public transportation to get to work or the grocery store. 

Lawndale holds the site of the original Sears headquarters. The company still occupies the building, though other businesses reside there as well. 

The Lawndale Chicago Farmers Market is open in the neighborhood from June through October. It is one of the largest in the city and brings in quite the crowd. Residents choose the market – held on South Homan – as their grocery source during the warmer months. 

Lawndale was the base of Chicago operations for the Civil Rights Movement during the mid- to late-1960s. The apartment where Dr. Martin Luther King once lived is no longer standing. 

Douglas Park is a large green space in the east section of Lawndale. It's home to a community center, a school, playgrounds, ponds and more.

Residents in Lawndale can visit one of the neighborhood's diverse restaurants for a night out. The local movie theater is also an attractive entertainment venue.