Living in a small apartment – especially a studio – has its challenges. You might want to have a full dining room, craft table and exercise space, but you have to budget your square footage. Fortunately, there are ways you can manage to fit a home office in your small apartment. 

Carving out room
You may already have a spot in mind for your office space. Clear the area out and measure just how much room you have. If you don't have an area in mind, take inventory of your apartment and see if you can rearrange some furniture to make it fit. Scoot your sofa away from the wall and put your desk behind it. Corner spaces or nooks are perfect for a desk. 

The key to making your small space work is simplicity. Think about what you'll be doing at your desk and limit the space to catering to just those things. If you use your laptop at your desk and that's it, you don't need very much room. Writing or printing is going to take up more space. Eliminate whatever you can. 

Wall space
Break up storage units such as bookcases and cabinets by placing your desk in between. Choose a table that is the same color as the bookcases to make it look like a built-in unit. You can also use the bookcases to store office supplies and printers nearby. 

Vertical storage
When building your office station, think vertical rather than horizontal. Storing things above your head saves space for other furniture. Add shelves above your desk and keep printers and supplies there. If you don't want bare papers showing, use square baskets or decorative boxes to keep objects hidden. Your office will look organized while still being small. Many furniture stores sell shelving units that have a specific shelf for a computer. These models graduate from being thinner on top to wider on the bottom. 

You can also customize a hutch to be a desk space. Rearrange the shelves inside to fit your computer and other items you'd like to store. The inside of the doors are a great place to hang bulletin boards or to pin notes. When you aren't using your desk, you can close the doors to hide the office. This is perfect if you entertain frequently and don't want your guests seeing your work spread out. 

Secretary desks are also great for vertical and hideable office space. These desks generally have a front panel that can be pulled down to create the desk, then put back up to look like a closed cabinet. There are drawers above the desk to store supplies, letters, papers, etc. 

Divide the room
If you want your office space to feel more secluded from the rest of your apartment, get a folding screen to divide the room. Like a trendier version of a cubicle, the folding screen will define the area without adding too much furniture to the room. You can also put your desk in a closet and install a curtain to hide it away when it's not in use.