If you have moved apartments before, you know how challenging it can be to set up equipment like a DVD player and your television all over again. With a little bit of planning and organization, you can make the transition simple so it is easy to find the correct electronic cables and parts in your new apartment.

What you will need: Before you begin putting your Wii and plasma TV in boxes, keep certain supplies ready. Have a pen or marker so you can label your boxes. You will also need a few rolls of packing tape, static-free foam or bubble wrap. Lastly, keep Velcro ties handy so you can join cable wires and use large Ziploc bags to keep miscellaneous parts together.

Labeling cords: Before your start unplugging wires from the devices, make a note of how everything is setup. You will need to set up the electronics in your new home again and often, it can be hard to remember exactly where all the wires should be placed. Take a look at how the cables connect and label wires on a plastic bag. For example, start with the cables for your DVD player and put them in the same bag. Then, label the bag in case it gets separated from the rest of the device. You may even want to take a picture of the device before unplugging the cords so you can remember where they all go.

Securing cables: After you start unplugging all of the wires, you should fold them a few times and secure them with a Velcro tie or a rubber band for organization. If you place several cords together in a bag without tying them, you run the risk of having to sit and untangle everything.

Keep like items together: Even if you label wires of a device and keep the parts together, try to place the items in the same box as the piece of equipment. This way, when you start to put together your surround sound system, you will be able to quickly find the parts.

Monitors: For electronics such as your television screen or computer monitor, you should wrap the screen so it does not get damaged during the move. Screens are expensive to replace and may cost hundreds of dollars. For example, it can cost a minimum of $300 to replace a laptop screen. This number can significantly go up depending on the extent of the damage.

You can tape anti-static sheets of foam on the screen and use bubble wrap when placing the item in a box. Wrapping monitors with protective sheets also keeps dust away from sensitive screens.

Also, when you put different parts of your desktop computer or gaming system in a box, use Styrofoam or bubble wrap in between the items. This will keep individual parts in place as you move a box.

Boxes: After you have finished placing equipment in a box, be sure to mark it as fragile so your movers know to be careful. Then, make a note of which side of the box points upward for your movers.