There may come a time when a problem around your apartment is out of your reach. You can follow all the rules to keep your home clean and fully stocked, but you cannot always control when something breaks or if the hot water stops working.

You can call your apartment building when you notice broken appliances like the stove or if there is a leak in the apartment. In general, the leasing staff is responsible for major fixes like a broken window or hot water problems. If you notice maintenance issues around your apartment, follow this guide to remedy the situation:

Do what you can: You don't have to be a maintenance pro to utilize quick and temporary solutions in your apartment. If you notice a leak, don't let the water gather and potentially cause further damage to your belongings. After you stick a bucket under the leak, use towels to wipe away any water that gathered so your carpet, furniture and electronics are safe from water damage.

When something breaks, be sure to let your roommates know what has happened. Continuing to use the broken dishwasher or garbage disposal can cause further damage to a vital appliance. Post a friendly sign near the broken appliance or send an email or text to the rest of your roommates if they are difficult to contact.

Informing maintenance personnel: When you call your rental office with a maintenance issue, give as much information as possible. Be prepared to leave a detailed message with the problem, when it occurred and what happened. The more information maintenance staff have from the beginning, the better the chance they have of knowing what parts to bring or order.

Giving a detailed account of the problem will also help the rental office judge whether your situation is truly an emergency. Knowing where the leak occurred will give crew members an idea of how quickly you need someone to take a look at the problem. Also, some buildings have special lines for emergency purposes, so you may need to contact a different phone number depending on your problem.

Follow up: You may need to follow up with your maintenance office regarding your apartment problem. Not all offices have a continuous maintenance hotline. If you left a message about the broken shelf in your closet and do not receive a response after 24 hours, call back to try and speak to somebody. Simply making sure the message was received will put your work order on the radar for the office.