Colorful and decorated walls will give your apartment a personal touch. You may not like the color of your new apartment walls, but unfortunately many leases do not allow residents to paint.  Follow this guide to add variety and a personal touch to the walls in your rental:

Ask: While the fine print might tell you painting the walls is not allowed, speak to your landlord. He or she might be willing to work out a deal with you if you agree to paint the walls back to their original color when you move out.

Add artwork: A cluster of professional artwork or personal photos is sure to spruce up any living room or apartment entryway. The nails might slightly damage the walls, but spackle can easily fix this before you move out. If you have posters of your favorite musicians or sports players, frame them for a professional finish.

Another idea is to take a plain canvas and wrap colorful cloth around it for a do-it-yourself project. This only requires a quick trip to the craft store to choose patterned and colorful fabric.

Now might be the perfect time to purchase a painting from a local artist. These can be a bit pricey but unlike posters, they will last you a lifetime.

Window treatments: One of the quickest ways to add some character to your apartment is to purchase curtains for the windows. The rods are easy to install and even simple colored curtains will make your apartment feel more like a home.

Wall decals: A trip to Target or Bed Bath & Beyond will help you find decorative, residue-free wall stickers. These will not harm the wall, and because they are stickers, it will seem as if you painted a mural on your wall. Baroque designs, florals, city landscapes and chandeliers are just a few of the available options.

Be careful when you place these on the wall as they can easily form air bubbles. Use a book to smooth any creases that may occur.

Similar to sticker decals, you can also purchase wallpaper stickers without causing panic for your landlord. Because these are large and take up a significant amount of space, you will need time to carefully stick the wallpaper up.

Decorative film: If your windows are old and not in the best shape, you can cover them up on your own. Decorative film can make any window look sophisticated with a frosted look. These are perfect for bathroom windows especially if you want some additional privacy.